Used clock parts for sale. We search the internet, antique stores, and yard sales for hidden treasures. In addition to offering used clock parts we also provide information on how to repair and restore antique / vintage clocks and their parts.


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We run this website as a hobby. We love old clocks, the internet and like to help people. So this website is a marriage of all three. You can buy your clock parts from us with confidence. We have been selling on eBay (423time) for over 10 years, have 5 star rating with 100% positive feedback and over 2000 transactions. You can also buy your parts directly here from our online store. All of our parts are also priced significantly less than if you were buying it new. We list our parts as accurately as we possibly can. When possible we do check the operation on the time and strike trains in our clock movements. Any defects that are found are noted in the items description and the price is adjusted accordingly.

 Art Deco Clock

Some people have asked why we don't bench test/repair all our clock movements. The answer is that we both have full time jobs and do this as a hobby. As a general rule we operation check our clock movements when we get them. If we can get them running in short order, we will clean/oil them and get them on the stand for the 8 day bench test. If they wont start running in short order we will put them on eBay with the defects noted.

The other reason we started the website is to have a place where we could compile good information concerning clock repair. We all know how hard it can be find sometimes!

Well that's enough for now. If you have any ideas on how can improve the site please let us know.


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