How to Remove a Clock Chime Rod from Chime Block

Ok so I recently aquired a new clock when I remove the movement I discover that someone has broken a chime rod and wallowed out the head where you not get it out with a screwdriver. I remember reading somewhere that heating the chime rods will help to remove them. I gave that a try to no avail. Next I moved on to drilling the head out. Start with a small drill bit and working my way up in larger bits until I could remove the head. I have removed a number of bolts using this method and they generally come out pretty easy.

Clock Cleaning SolutionClock Cleaning Recipe, $10 via eBay

Unfortunatley this time, part of the clock chime rod broke off in the chime block. I had to resort to retaping the clock chime block. It took a litle bit longer but it was done right. Beautiful clock isnt it? Im thinking its a 1910'ish DUFA possibly with a Gustav Becker movement. Anyway its an awesome find from an estate sale that only cost $45! I have cleaned and oiled it and has been running very well since. Very Happy Camper!



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