Does My Clock Need Cleaning

OK this is assuming you have already went through the checklist at My Clock Will Run But Then Stops. If you have not please do so now as it can save you alot if time and or money to have some one clean your clock.

When a clock does not operate as it should it normaly due to a lack of power in in one of the two trains. I say two trains in reference to most American 8 day movements. There are other movements that do have more than two trains.

how to clean a clock

The first thing we want to look at is the pivot holes. Are they clean or do they have alot of dried up oil and dirt around them?

If they are black and do have alot of build up around them the movement is a prime candidate for a good cleaning. This is good news and hopefully it will get your movement working for you again in short order! Proceed to How to Clean an American 8 Day Movement.

If your clock movement's pivot holes look clean look at them closely. Do they look oval shaped? Grasp the arbor on the gears and move them back and forth slightly. Is there alot of play in the pivot holes? If so it may be time to install bushings. Proceed to How to install bushings.

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