Fix a Clock That Gongs Wrong

This article explains how to fix a clock that "gongs" incorrectly. Soooo lets say at 4 o'clock and your clock gongs 2 times. All you have to do is take you hour hand and spin it (clock wise) to two o'clock. Now take the minute hand and spin it (clock wise also) until the hour hand (it should follow the minute hand) is at 4 and the minute hand is pointed at 12. Start your pendulum and you are all set.

Minute Hand and Hour Hand Are Backwards

So you have a clock that gongs or chimes once when the minute hand is pointed at 12 o'clock and numerous times when its pointed at 6 o'clock. Its simple, someone put the hands back on wrong. Remove the nut holding the hands on and take the minute hand off. Now put the minute hand back on in the opposite direction, put the nut back on and you are all set.

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