Karl Lauffer Clock Movement with Platform Escapement


Here is one of my favorite clocks. I never was much into Art Deco, but this movement ROCKS! The movement is a Karl Lauffer with a platform escapement.

First off a little background:I was into clock repair/collecting for quite some time and I aquired quite a few clocks. Eventually I became a little frustrated when I would repair or sell someone a clock and no matter how many times you would tell them that the would have to remove the pendulum/bob when moving it, make sure it was level,  etc... rarely would they do so. Then you would get the call and have to go out and "fix" their clock. Well I got frustrated and walked away from clock repair/collecting for a number of years. One cold day my wife (Kim) mentioned that I should work on some of my clocks, as I was going stir crazy. I am one that always has to stay busy and I always enjoyed working on clocks. I could even do this in the warm! So I went out to my shop and picked an old clock that I had aquired in a trade,(this thing is a monster at about three foot long). I had never messed with it before and the guy I got it from said that it was broke and had not run in years. Well as I am up on the ladder pulling it off the shelf I hear a faint ticking. A good cleaning and a little oil and it runs GREAT!!! It has the same Karl Lauffer platform escapement and I was sold! I will post some pictures on the monster clock later. Here is this clock in action:


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