Kundo Anniversary Clock Restore

    Ok guys what we have here is an old Kundo Anniversary Clock we rescued. We have alot of old anniversary clocks and this is the first one I have played with. They are quite simple!

    On our initial inspection we noticed that one of the pins holding one of the arms up was missing and causing the arm to contact the base. We just put a staple in it (we will fix it proper later) just try to run a bench test on it now to identify any other issues. Then we just oiled it up (the pivots looked clean so we did not touch them), leveled the clock and set the pendulum in motion.

    It has been running for 4 hours now with no hiccups! Of note is the mainspring is kept in place by holding a small lever on the side (I will show you in the video) instead of the normal spring driven click lock.

    We are real happy with the clock though, its attractive and different than the other clocks we have. It also does not gong or chime, it can get old having a few clocks going off in the same room at the same time (you know what I am talking about!!!) Here is the video:

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