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Can anyone help me find a great wheel (going train) for a New Haven clock? The teeth of the great wheel I have are much worn. The wheel needs to be replaced. I show below all the dimensions of the great wheel (going train), so you can easily see what wheel I am looking for.

Specifications of Great Wheel (Going Train)
• number of teeth: 80
• center distance: 32.4 mm
• module: 0.74
• pitch circle diameter (wheel): 58.9 mm
• pitch circle diameter (pinion): 5.9 mm
• wheel root diameter: 56.9 mm
• wheel thickness: 1.3 mm
• front pivot diameter: 4.67 mm
• back pivot diameter: 4.61 mm

If it helps you identify what I need, the front plate of the New Haven clock shows the following signs stamped in:
o New Haven Trademark interestingly saying around its logo “BRITISH MANUFACTURE”.
o Something that looks like an F or T1 with a 5 stamped over it.
o 19 ¼

I have also attached a picture of the great wheel going train.

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